LFNW2020: Be Excellent To Each Other!

Please submit your presentation proposals now. We'd like you to emphasize positive collaboration, teaching, in general lifting up the open source community.

We've updated the session types to be a bit more clear ( and school-themed ;-), and you'll notice we've left out tracks - we will build tracks out of your submissions, so please collaborate in your own communities if you'd like to build a cohesive track!

You can submit proposals for Lectures, Short Labs, Long Lectures, Labs, Recesses, and Assemblies. Proposals should fit in the track Be excellent to each other. The submission period has begun Tuesday, October 15. 2019 and closes Wednesday, January 15. 2020. That means you have 36 days left! Remember LinuxFest Northwest 2020 will only be as good as the content you present. Submit early, submit often!

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Proposal Information
Presentation in lecture format, preferably with some presentation content (e.g. a slide deck) Interactive hands-on practice in a small time window Longer-format, deeper lecture topics Hands-on workshops that need a longer window Fun collaborative activities outside the lecture room Discussions, panels, AMA: Interactive sessions between presenters & attendees - less prepared content

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