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Jens Finkhaeuser

from Interpeer Project

Jens Finkhaeuser is a software professional, architect, founder and established FLOSS developer. His work spans around two decades, and most of the Internet stack, with a particular focus on security and networking protocol design and implementation. He started the Interpeer Project with the intent of bringing this experience to bringing the human factor back into the next evolution of the Internet. Jens adopted Bavaria as his home and lives there with his wife, two children and a tortoise.

In 2000, Roy Fielding published his dissertation on Representational State Transfer. Fielding had been actively working on the HTTP standards, which were guiding by informal design principles that REST formalizes.

The talk will revisit this architectural style to disambiguate it from how the REST term has become applied since.

Much as software freedoms exist, we need to address "internet user freedoms", and their relationship to human rights. Existing internet technology must be evaluated in this light, in how it supports or hinders human rights.

In this presentation, architectural properties and constraints in the REST architectural style will be analyzed, with regards to the previous discussion as well as technical requirements. We will explore additional properties, and their effect on the architectural style.

The talk will also provide background on concrete work already done or underway on this and adjacent topics.

Finally, we'd like to briefly introduce the non-profit organization created to support work on this project. If we are to create a better digital world, we'll need patience and all the help we can get.

2022 April 24 - 10:00
45 min
LinuxFest Northwest 22

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